Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dear Vietnam Vet?

DVV is a letter writing campaign that get heartfelt thank you letters in the hands of Vietnam Vets.

Can Dear Vietnam Vet send my family member or friend a letter?

It would be our honor to send your family member or friend a thank you letter. Simply click on the “Register A Vet” tab at the top and fill out the form.

Can I get my organization to write letters?

Absolutely! We always need thank you letters. Schools and organizations like to organize a letter writing campaign and we will get them to Vietnam Vets.

Can I mail multiple letters in one envelope?

Yes you can. You can mail them all in one big bundle, package or even box!

How do I get started?

Just start writing a thank you letter in your own words to these patriotic vets. The more heartfelt, the better.

Where do I send my letters? Do I need a return address?

You can put a return address if you’d like. Sometimes the Vets write a letter back to you so if you’d like to put a return address on the letter you can. If you don’t want to you don’t have to.

Mail the letters to:
Dear Vietnam Vet
PO Box 1383
Bluffton SC 29910

How do I begin my letter? Do I sign my letter?

You can begin your letter with “Dear Vietnam Vet”. Yes, please do sign you letter. It give it a personal touch.

Can I talk about a Vietnam Vet I know?

You can mention a Vietnam Vet you know (say, your father or brother perhaps) but please remember that the purpose of these letters is to thank the one getting the letter. So mentioning another Vietnam Vet you know is very nice as long as that is not the whole topic of the letter.

Should I mention someone who has passed away?

Answers to these questions and more are coming soon…

Can I write the same letter many times?

Yes you can do that. We give these letters to various Vietnam Vets all over the country. The more letters you send, the better!

Can I include stickers, crafts, etc.? Is a child’s drawing considered a letter?

Yes, you can absolutely do that! Encourage your child to draw a patriotic drawing for these vets. They LOVE those!

Can I write in another language?

It’s best to write in English as all of these Vietnam Vets served in the US military and all speak and read English.

Do I need to hand-write my letter?

You can hand-write the letter or type it. What ever you feel more comfortable doing.

Do I need special stationary or envelopes?

You do not need special stationary or envelopes. Whatever you have is good. We have gotten special cards and letters with a patriotic theme and that’s also very good.

Should I mention the topic of religion or politics?

It’s probably best if you keep those topics out of your letter. Of course, there are many people that say “God Bless You” or something to that effect and that is ok. Just remember that everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs on religion and politics so we need to be sensitive to these vets that have had their share of political strife having to do with the Vietnam war.

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